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Broken Transmitter is a synth pop duo from Akron, Ohio - comprised of veteran singer/songwriter Scott Paris & producer/musician Tim Benner. The two met through a friend at a recording studio while Scott was scouting locations to record for a solo album. Tim eventually joined Scott's live band, The Assorted Vagabonds, as a bassist. After a few years, and having joined several different bands together as a package item - the two decided to simply be a duo.


Broken Transmitter was debuted in Spring of 2018 to overwhelming positive response. Writing and recording began immediately, as did a constant live schedule of original and cover song laden shows.


By July, BT had signed on with Wizard World Comic Con to be the house band and travel with the convention. This required solid transportation, so the two bought a van since dubbed "Vansmitter." The big gold KIA Sedona now has his own cartoon series, retelling adventures the band go on as they tour.


Stay tuned!